We proudly serve South Central Kansas, based from the Wichita area. Since 2010, The Energy Guy has performed work in over 400 homes and small business buildings. These include  Home Energy Audits, certifying new homes for a HERS Rating, certifying new homes for Energy Star and conducting Infrared Imaging Studies in buildings for Thermal Enclosure and Heat Loss.

John Nicholas works as an Independent Third Party to Verify Energy Efficient Features in new homes. For existing homes I complete Home Energy Audits. I also perform Thermal Imaging with an Infrared Camera. I am certified as an Energy Auditor, HERS Rater, and Level II Thermographer.

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HERS Rated Homes

HERS Rated Homes

Learn More about HERS Ratings for Homes.

The Free Market Approach to Energy Efficiency in a New Home

Informed Buyers and Informed Sellers constitute a Free Market. Research on home buyers preferences by the National Association of Home Builders shows Home Buyers want Energy Efficiency and will pay more for a home that carries a Certification by a Trusted Third Party.  Over 50% of the new homes built in 2013 in the US were HERS Rated by their builders.


Home Energy AuditsExisting

Do you have an uncomfortable Room? Are your Energy Bills high?  A Home Energy Audit can point the way. The results of this audit are product independent. The audit results in a Prioritized List of Improvements. Included are detailed descriptions of the work to be completed, materials to be used and alternates for some materials.


IR Bar

We provide Infrared Services for Business and Industry. Use of Infrared Imaging is part of a predictive maintenance program. Finding problems before they impact the business is good for the bottom line. Assisting the building owner to make good decisions regarding roof replacement or scheduling maintenance procedures during planned down time is the goal of predictive maintenance.

Certified Level II Thermographer