A Visit with Mr. Rucker …

IMG_1217These visits stated in 2002, on Super Bowl Sunday.  Seems like my friend Mr Tannahill called Mr Blouin and I to make a trek to visit Mr Rucker, before we all got together for the Super bowl Party that year.

Our families both nuclear and extended had been doing a joint Super Bowl Party for a number of years by 2002. It seemed kinda natural that we would include Mr Rucker that year, even though he was not with us any more.  So, off we went about 10 miles south to Litttleton Cemetery. We wanted to bring Mr. Foster along for the visit.  That was important because Mr. Foster had been a favorite part of Mr. Rucker’s social life for a number of years, and thus part of his friends lives.

IMG_1216In addition to Super Bowl Parties, Mr. Rucker with the three of us and our wives, more or less, had gathered periodically for dinner, some times at a restaurant, or sometimes at someone’s home.  In any case Mr. Rucker made sure that Mr. Foster was there, at least for the preliminaries.  As far as we know, there is no Mrs. Foster.



It is always refreshing to visit Jim on Super Bowl Sunday. Sometimes snow and ice, sometimes slush, sometimes rain or other types of precipitation.  Today was just nice. There are always a few laughs, good stories, we all get caught up on each other.  A few more stories and just guys kicking around.


About 5 years ago, the group grew a little.  Mr. Rucker’s boys had grown up, finished college, gotten married and they joined us.  A great time got just a little larger.

IMG_1218We always decorate when we are done. We also joke about what others coming to visit nearby might think about the décor.  Wondering is not caring in this case.  At some point later in 2002, Mrs. R made a visit and we heard about it.  She promised to bring a sack the next time, smiling! Then her first daughter-in-law went along and we heard about it again.  Then the second daughter-in-law heard went along.  Yes, you know the drill. This year was nice, a sack will accompany someone later in the year.


And, no —  we did not leave Mr. Rucker thirsty.  He has some of Mr. Foster’s fav with him.  When asked why we think it is still there, we laugh!  No one put in a bottle opener!

Jim Rucker  1942 – 2001  – Super Bowl Sunday – Celebrating our Friendship! A Super Bowl Sunday Tradition!

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