Midwest AHSI Pro Home Inspectors Meeting

I have been attending the meetings of this group for about a year.  They meet every other month for dinner and a short program.  I’ve learned a lot from the group.  Information from the programs has helped with my Home Energy Audits.  I learned some things last night as well.

The Program was presented by Kerry Parham.  He has completed home inspections since 1978 and is a state licensed Geologist. He has been a home builder and a licensed General Contractor. His inspection company is “Terra Inspections, Inc” of Wichita.

He showed several pictures of roof damage, to new and existing roofs.  Some serious damage was found after he had been told the roof had been checked.

Most interesting were the pictures of electrical panels with Ground and Neutral problems. Several with his Clamp Meter showing current flowing to ground. Talk about high electric bills!  Makes a good case for proper monitoring of your electric bill on  a regular basis.

The pictures that were very similar to what I run into were about HVAC units. He showed several units that were installed in new and existing construction. There was no way they could operate and provide heat or a/c. I have found the same thing. From their reactions, the other inspectors in the audience had similar experiences.

Some of his pictures were from “Flips” and they became slightly scary, with some of the fixes.  Some of his stories were the result of well intentioned homeowners trying to fix a problem without the proper knowledge. Electrical, plumbing were two common ones, also attempted repairs to water leakage.

I also appreciated the pictures of replacement siding installed over obvious rotted exterior walls.

Thank You for the great information.  I always learn something from this group.

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