Did the iPhone Change Your World? A Twitter Conversation continued:

In anticipation of the 5th Anniversary tomorrow of the introduction of the iPhone; there has been a lot of hype and retrospective pieces on what the iPhone has done.  At least two of those pieces claimed the iPhone changed the world.

Then in the Twitterverse here in the Wichita area a conversation developed.  @BaileyBlair posted one of those items.  So I read it. Then @seancamore disagreed.  And the tweet fest was on.  Later on @MWestMillennial entered to convo.

Interesting convo’s when you are limited to 140 characters.  Short, sweet, abbreviated.  Fun, but not really the type of writing I’ve enjoyed over the years.  So I thought I continue the conversation here on my blog.

I have attempted to reconstruct the conversation from my timeline and from my Mention Page below:  Read it and then my comments.

@BaileyBlair @EESavers Whatever. The WORLD has not changed. The way we communicate MAYBE but even then, only for participants.
The world we live and work in has changed. Speed of Communications! @seancamore: @BaileyBlair @EESavers Whatever. The WORLD has not changed.
“Our lives and our bodies respond to the stimulus around us. @seancamore: @BaileyBlair @EESavers Whatever. The WORLD has not changed.
@EESavers @BaileyBlair As per my original Tweet the way we communicate has. The world has NOT. Namaste.
@seancamore @baileyblair When people change their response to the people around them, the world has changed. Speed of Comm causes change.
The way we respond to faster comm. changed, the world changed. @seancamore: @BaileyBlair As / Twt the way we comm has. The world has NOT.
@seancamore @EESavers I concur. There was abundant asshattery before technology, we just didn’t broadcast it so loudly.
@EESavers @baileyblair No. Regimes and currencies falling change the world. The tactics for/speed of sharing that news don’t.
@EESavers @baileyblair You are not going to convince me. No communications tool since the first trans-Atlantic cable has changed the world.
@seancamore @baileyblair When people change their response to the people around them, the world has changed. Speed of Comm causes change.
@EESavers @baileyblair Right. The WAY we respond has not changed because of your iPhone. The tool you use to communicate has. We done here?
The way we respond to faster comm. changed, the world changed. @seancamore: @BaileyBlair As / Twt the way we comm has. The world has NOT.
@EESavers @BaileyBlair Did the world change w/ the arrival of delivery pizza? No. How we dealt w/ hunger did. You love the iPhone. I get it.
@EESavers Twitter etiquette, John. When altering a Tweet to shorten content, use MT. To change context DON’T. Do you know the difference?
@MWestMillennial Yep. Just ask @EESavers
Naw!  140 is a pain on this. So I’m thinking about a blog post! RT @seancamore: @baileyblair . We done here?

What changes the world?  Sean’s argument includes the Trans-Atlantic Cable, Regimes Falling and Currencies Falling.  He rejects our response to the speed of news because those are “tactics for/speed of sharing news”.

What?  The Trans Atlantic cable allowed news to pass from Europe to North America via telegraph in a period measured in hours. Previously the news was carried on sailing ships in a period measured in days or even weeks.

Then a few tweets later, Sean makes the claim that the way we respond has not changed because we use an iPhone.

I disagree with his premise and his examples.  I will also posit that trying to make an argument that hangs together in 140 character bursts is not conducive to logic, and consistency.

What is your world?  My world consists of the people in it and how they react!  Specifically how they react that causes an effect on me.

The people in my world are my family, friends, neighbors, and people I interact with every day.  Those writing a letter to the editor of the Eagle; those friends on Facebook; those that are in my Twitter Stream; those that read my blog; are all part of my world that day.

Some of what those people do effects my world.  Some of what they do doesn’t effect my world.  My neighbor comes over and visits for a while, it effects my world. When he mows the lawn, not really.  How much effect on my world did that conversation with him have depends on the subject. If we just talk about day to day stuff, it effects but doesn’t really change my world.

How would my neighbor’s visit change my world?  He could tell me something major.  The knowledge he imparted then causes me to something.  So what is major?  Tye:  “Hey John!  Did you know we’e got some poison ivy growing along the fence?”  Me:  “No!  Where?”

Since my wife reacts to poison ivy when she gets within 10 feet, I would be doing something. A lack of doing something, would change my world. Doing something would change it as well.

A few years ago, that information from a neighbor actually made that comment.  Gaining the knowledge caused me to attempt to eridicate the poison ivy.  My daughter was young enough and played in the yard, I didn’t want to chance it.  She did fine.  My wife on the other hand, came within 10 feet and reacted.

That incident has meant that I do all the gardening in the back yard.  Change my life – You bet!  If the neighbor had not passed the information on, I wouldn’t have tried the eridication and none of the rest would have followed.

I would suppose you could split a bunch of hairs or just one hair a bunch of times and say it wasn’t the information exchange, it was my actions.  That ignores the cause and effect of the information on my action.

Now the issue is not a neighborly over the fence visit.  It is the news traveling fast and the increased volume of news the iPhone has enabled.

Like the Trans Atlantic cable, people have many sources of quick news.  The claim is that currencies falling changes the world, but not the iPhone.

So lets look at Greece, real problems with their currency over the past year.  Has it fallen?  I don’t think so.  The problems with German currency in the 1920’s were much more severe than what Greece has been through lately.

The question is: What is your world?  My world consists of the people in it and how they react to the news about currency probems in Greece!  Specifically how they react  to those problems that causes an effect on me.

In the days of the Trans Atlantic cable, the news would have come to America the same day. With the speed of the cable, the news would have probably included several stories from different points of view. Those financial types in NYC would then read the news and the various stories and make some decisions and eventually the impact of those decisions would make their way to Kansas and effect me.

In the days of the iPhone, news would still arrive the same day.  News includes even more points of view.  Each of those points could come from an established source such as the governments and news papers of several European Capitols.  That would have been the source in the days of the cable.  Now, each blogger, tweeter, and so on; with the iPhone (or other smart phone) comment and offer a point of view.

The larger difference from the cable is the recipients.  Instead of a few NYC financial types reading the news the next day in one of two or three NYC papers; every banker and stock analyst across the country can read it.  They can read a variety of sources. They can read from a limited list of sources.

More to the point, they receive the info daily, or even multiple times per day.  They don’t have the buffer of time, the buffer of filters, they read it direct.  How much is wrong?  How much is slanted or spun?

One more example:  My wife interacted with her mother weekly. They wrote letters.  They bought stamps, and the mail came.  Great Stuff!  Now my wife keeps up with our daughter via the iPhone.

They text, they call, they use facebook.  All on the iPhone.  My wife knows much more about what her daughter is doing on a daily basis. Much more than her mother knew.

When my wife would talk in person to her mother, she would have to explain who this or that friend was.  My daughter doesn’t go through that.  She and her mother is friends with many of the same people on Facebook.

Has the iPhone changed our world.   Yep!

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