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How Accurate is your Tape Measure, an Example of Rounding for Third Graders

I was recently asked to make a video for a 3rd Grade Teacher on how I use rounding in my job.  This is a great subject.  My wife is a math teacher and has helped teach estimating and rounding to Grade School children for years.

I chose to use measuring a house to obtain the size in cubic feet and relate that to choosing the size of the furnace. I varied the measurement on each side of the house by 6 inches.  The measurement rounding was shown to be accurate enough for this need. In this case the accuracy requirement was not needed due to furnace engineering issues, not the ability of someone to measure to the nearest inch or 6 inches.

Enjoy the video – help some kids! Thanks to the Third Grade Teacher, Grace for including me.  Here is the video on my You Tube Channel