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Providing New Sources of Electricity!

Energy Efficiency

Looking at Energy Generation, this graphic shows the cost to provide new electrical power. By far the least expensive is to provide Energy Efficiency in our existing buildings. Less than half the cost to create available electricity by not using, then wind or solar or any of the fueled sources.

Remember the old cliche – “A Penny Saved, is a Penny Earned”. This is a good example of that thought in action. It is timely and cost effective.

If you could improve your house or commercial building by spending $1000.00 and save that much on your energy bills over 5 years – what is the rate of interest on that investment?

An energy audit, with a computer model of your home’s energy use would provide some specific examples of which improvement(s) would be cost effective for your house.

Least Expensive Route to Use Less Energy

Elisa Wood writes on her Blog about Energy Efficiency in existing housing. She has a report on this covering countries around the world, not just the U.S.

The report again has some numbers showing how improving the energy efficiency of existing homes, is the best approach to decreasing energy use for the dollar. Building new electrical generation units is expensive. You can build coal, nuclear, wind, solar, all cost between 9 – 12 cents per KWH of capacity. Improving energy efficiency in homes costs about 4 cents to provide that KWH of capacity.

The best part is what you don’t get from the electric company, keeps money in your pocket. The question then becomes: “How Do I Determine which improvements are best for my house?”

You need to consider an Energy Audit from a Certified Auditor. You will get a computer modeled Energy Efficiency Plan, specific to your house, showing the cost savings for each proposed improvement.

A Certified Energy Auditor can help you access financing. In Kansas that is the Efficiency Kansas Program or a VA, FHA approved Energy Improvement Loan. Start with an Annualized Utility Analysis. Find out how your house is doing. Details on the Contact Page of the Website.

For Ms. Wood’s article see: