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How Much Energy Do We Need?

We all use energy, every day!  Electric, Natural Gas, Propane!  How much and where does it come from?  More importantly,  how much do we pay for it?

I think we can use what we need, we can keep our house at a comfortable temperature, and pay less.  I don’t believe in taking a Military Type Shower!   I don’t think anyone should turn the thermostat up in the summer and take off clothes, or down in the winter and put more clothes on – just to save money.  That is conservation, not efficiency.

The research at Lawrence Berkeley National Labs in California, and at Oak Ridge National Lab in Tennessee have over the past 30 years, established a vast knowledge base for the efficient use of energy.  When this knowledge is brought to our homes and business buildings, it becomes known a Building Performance.

Thirty years ago, the best gas furnaces available had an efficiency of 60 or less.  This number, called AFUE, rates all gas furnaces.  Now the lowest efficiency furnace is 78.  The highest efficiency furnaces are 90 or better AFUE.

Technology has provided a way we can use natural gas or propane more efficiently to cut our usage and save some money!  We don’t have to put on that sweater and turn down the thermostat!  A new furnace.

Can you afford one?  Sure!  The TV pitchmen say: “It will pay for itself from the money you will be saving! ”  Yep!  What are they selling?

A Home Energy Audit can help.  Give me a call or e-mail.  Let’s see!