Monthly Archives: September 2010

Thermographic Imaging

If you’ve been reading about Home Energy Audits, you’ve probably seen a thermographic picture of a home. These color pictures show temperature differences. The windows show up as white or red, the walls show a darker color. They’ve even been part of some TV Commercials.

Earlier this month the National Standard for Thermographic Imaging was published. The purpose of a national standard is to enable two different energy auditors to obtain valid results with the camera on the same building.

The use of a difference in temperature to show where a house is loosing energy is very interesting. It can be skewed, if the picture is not, taken with a proper understanding of the limitations and potential external causes of temperature changes. Wind can cause a change in the temperature difference. Is the wind blowing from the East and you are taking a picture of the North wall, so some of the temperature difference is blown away. If the wind is from the south, is the difference increased?

The answers to these and other questions will be revealed for me this week. I will be in Manhattan at the Kansas Building Science Institute, working on my certification as a Level 1 Thermographer.

I will try to post some information during the class, so you can follow along my journey.

Labor Day

Friday winds down and I think of the 3 day weekend known as Labor Day. This has been a time of family for me. One of the first, I was 8. My father’s parents came up; 650 miles from Berkeley, CA to Weiser, ID. We spent the holiday working in the yard. I remember that Grandpa was very involved as a gardener and my dad wanted to get the most help from him.

In recent years, Labor Day has been a time to celebrate Birthdays. My wife’s mother was September 5, so there was always cake.

This year will be quiet and a time to reflect. A time to give thanks for what we have, and for what we hold dear.

We give thanks for jobs that provide for our needs. We ask the leaders in Topeka and Washington to seek to to do the right things and not do things for political advantage.

And we will find time to have a nice family holiday meal.

What do you plan for this Holiday Weekend?