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An Energy Star New Home

What is an Energy Star New Home?  It can be a lot of things. It is durable, the energy efficiency is built in as the home is constructed. It is a comfortable home.

In South Central Kansas, no City or County has an Energy Code in place.  There are fire codes, building codes, electrical and plumbing codes. There is no requirement for insulation, air sealing or other efficiency measures.

If you are interested in finding out more about an Energy Star New Home, you can visit the Energy Star Website.  You can also contact EES.  We do the Independent Third Party Inspection of your home during construction, to ensure the insulation and air sealing measures are in place, that durability is not compromised and that everything in your home works together. Our goal is not to sell you a home, our goal is to help you sort out the sales pitch from the reality of energy use in your new home.

For more information about an Energy Star New Home

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