HERS Rated Homes

The HERS Index considers the Whole House working together to determine how each home stacks up.

HERS-scaleVLogoEGThe HERS Index earned by each home is base on ‘in person inspections’ from a Third Party.

These inspections use visual, infrared imaging and other testing to gather data. Each home has a Blower Door Test to measure and identify energy stealing drafts and infiltration. Each HERS Rating takes part in a Quality Assurance Review Program.

In 2013, one of every two new homes in the US was valued by the builder enough to place a HERS Index on it.

The HERS Index results in a score for each home. The scale starts at Zero. A Score of Zero means this home uses no net energy from the grid on an annual basis. The scale is set so that a score of 100 is a home that meets 2006 standards. The highest score I have had is 384 for a home with no insulation and extremely drafty with lots of leaks.

The HERS Score allows a Home Buyer to compare the features between two homes from the same builder or homes from different builders. It allows Builders to attach a value to additional insulation, air sealing or high efficiency equipment.

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Since 1995 RESNET has assisted Home Builders and Home Buyers to make informed choices about the energy efficient features of a new home. RESNET was formed by representatives of the Home Mortgage Industry and the National Association of State Energy Offices to establish an industry standard measure of efficiency in homes.

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