Actual Area Homes HERS Index

There are three sets of listings on this page.

First are those homes being planned or under construction.   These are listed as Projected.  The HERS Index Inspections are either not completed or have not finished the QA Process.

Second are those homes that are finished and for sale. These are listed as Confirmed. The Inspections are finished and the QA process is complete.

Third are Homes that have been completed and sold, or those sold before construction starts. These are identified by neighborhood only, in compliance with my Privacy Policy.


Projected          Sold North Derby

Projected           Sold Lincoln and 127th

Projected           E Laguna

Projected           5104 N Colonial               Central Park Bel Aire

Projected           1828 S Santa Fe 


Confirmed         7089 E Gabriel                Central Park Bel Aire

Confirmed         3006 N Shefford              Fontana

Confirmed         808 Glen Wood Ct                        Country Hollow

Confirmed          848 Glen Wood Ct                       Country Hollow

Confirmed         1238 N Poplar       Wichita Habitat for Humanity  “Raise The Block” Model This home is also Energy Star Certified.

Confirmed           135 Genna                  El Dorado


Sold                   Rural Sedgwick County

Sold                   NW Butler County

Sold                   Sold Augusta

Sold                   El Dorado, KS

Sold                  El Dorado #2

Sold                  N. Wichita

Sold                   N 127 E

Sold                   N 127th E #2

Sold                   E 135th and Mt Vernon

Sold                   159th and_Pawnee

Sold                   45th and Rock

Sold                   37th and Tyler

Sold                   Winfield, KS

Sold                   Derby KS

Sold                   Derby, KS #2

Sold                   Bellaire

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