HERS Rated Homes for Builders

Builders across the US placed a HERS Rating on more than 1 of every two new homes constructed in 2013. This confidence by the Builder in their designs, and the quality of work by all of their subcontractors helps the potential home buyer to Trust the builder. The Independent Third Party certification meets the Fimages criteria of Informed Buyer and Informed Seller.

The HERS Index results in a Score that ‘Lower is Better’!  The HERS Index starts at ‘0’.  That is a ‘Net Zero Home’  The HERS Index Score of 100 is a ‘Standard New Home’ built to 2006 Energy Code.

InsulationThe HERS Index that is earned by a specific home is based on the interaction of the various Energy Efficient features you selected for that home.  Insulation, air sealing, equipment and the workmanship of your subcontractors are all part of this interaction. Great insulation, installed correctly with 1x sheathing, will not be as efficient, as average insulation with sheet goods for sheathing.

The executive director of the Lexington Home Builders Association, Todd Johnson, states that builders support the HERS Index Score because “it is straight forward and simple.  It is like a miles per gallon label for homes.”

HERS_HomesThe data needed for a HERS Rating starts with several visual inspections of the home during or after construction. Pressure Tests, using a Blower Door and Duct Blaster, are part of the data collected. The solar orientation of the windows, in addition to the NFRC Ratings, is considered. .

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