HERS Rated Homes for Home Buyers

KitchenHome Buyers look for many things in a new home. Floor plans, number of bedrooms, cabinets, finishes, and how all that will influence their life style. Research by the National Association of Home Builders repeatedly shows Energy Efficiency is high on the must have list for potential home buyers. This same research also shows that home buyers will trust a builder, especially if the home is certified by an independent program.  There are many programs for this independent certification such as LEED, Passiv Haus, Green Globes, Energy Star, NAHB Green and HERS Ratings.

Home expensesIn 2013, Builders chose to place a HERS Rating on one half of the new homes built in the United States. They chose to do this because they believe in their product, their construction techniques and the craftsmanship of their subcontractors.

Home Buyers can look behind the walls, for energy efficient features, by requesting the HERS Index Score on any new home they are interested in. The data needed to complete a HERS Rating is best collected during the construction process. It can be collected after the house is finished and is for sale.

The HERS Index results in a Score that ‘Lower is Better’, with decreased energy costs!  The HERS Index starts at ‘0’.  That is a ‘Net Zero Home’  The HERS Index Score of 100 is a ‘Standard New Home’ built to 2006 Energy Code.

images-1Ask for the HERS Index Score for all new homes you look at. Use the HERS Score to assist you in choosing the best house for your family. If the Home does not have a HERS Rating, ask for a Rating to be done.

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