Home Energy Audits

A Home Energy Audit, by The Energy Guy, consists of several phases. First, the home is evaluated on site and the appropriate data is gathered. This is from observations, measuring and testing by the Auditor. The Utility Usage of an existing home is collected for evaluation. Specific data collected covers the Solar Orientation of the windows, the insulation levels in the basement, crawl space, walls, attic as present in the home. The furnace and air conditioner are checked and model numbers recorded for further verification.

18Infiltration for uncomfortable drafts and heat loss is tested with a blower door test. This test simulates a 20 mph wind on all 4 sides of the home and the roof at the same time. Part of the information from the Blower Door Testing by The Energy Guy is the use of Thermal Imaging during the test. This will show actual air leaking from various points of the home.

The DOE has a good video (3 minutes), Home Energy Assessment 101.  You can view it here.

The audit process then inputs the data and builds a computer model of the energy usage of the home.  The Energy Guy uses RemRate by AEC of Denver, CO. From the observations and energy model, the report can be generated and recommendations made.

The main part of the report for most home owners is the ‘Prioritized List’ of recommended improvements. This list is a plain English translation of the software reports and builder terms for the home owner.

The report includes specifications for contractors or for DIY home owners. These specifications are product neutral. Final selection of actual products is between the home owner and the contractor. If desired specifications for specific products are available. Over the years, I have found the workmanship of installing the product is more important then the product.

BlowerDoorFinally The Energy Guy can assist you with sorting through the sales pitch of the various contractors and help you arrive at an apples to apples comparison of various proposals. I also have how to information available to the DIY inclined home owner. This is an extra to a standard Home Energy Audit.

After the work is completed, arrangements can be made to verify the quality of workmanship for the home owner.

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