Privacy Policy, Professional and Business Interest Disclosure

Privacy Policy

The Energy Guy considers most information gathered from a Home Energy Audit or Rating as private. I do reserve the right to disclose de-identified information for educational, marketing or other business purposes.  De-identified means the address, homeowner name and information that would allow the public to pick out the house or the homeowner from that information is not released.  For example, I would release the picture of the front of a home. Generally, location information will be generalized as to a housing development, neighborhood or city.

Information will be shared with business partners, only with your permission and knowledge. Examples of this release might be to work with a contractor you have selected or are considering to do some work on your home.

If you choose to participate in a program with a Utility, Contractor, Lender or other entity, I must have written notice that you intend to participate, so I can collect data as required. This written notice will include a release of such information to the entity as necessary, for your participation in their program. Examples of this would include an EEM on your mortgage, or participating in financing under a Home Performance with Energy Star Program.

Under no circumstances, do I sell information to any third party for any reason. Firms in the business of selling home improvement products have expressing interest in my records. I also refuse to recommend these firms.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Professional Conduct

  • I commit to objectivity and neutrality in conducting a home energy rating / home energy audit and in making recommendations.
  • I will fully disclose all applicable charges, as well as the general scope and deliverables of services, prior to conducting a home energy rating, home energy audit or providing other services.
  • I will provide a written disclosure using the RESNET standard disclosure form, before services are rendered.
  • The standard disclosure form contains information regarding standards of performance and  a way to file complaints or concerns.

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